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Profile picture of Maria

Young woman


I am a young woman with a mental handicap and also a form of epilepsy I live at the epilepsy center foundation sein I am looking for a ...

Profile picture of Marion

Offer from Marion


Available on Wednesday morning. Would like to help the elderly.

Profile picture of Huub

Hub's offer


I will soon be retired and would like to stay active. I have always been in maintenance in the food industry. I was cooperative. I a...

Profile picture of Bemiddelingsconsulent

Tess likes to make time for a chat

MeerWaarde Vrijwilligerscentrale Haarlemmermeer

Hi, We mediate for a nice, but busy student Tess. Despite her studies, she likes to make time for an hour a week for a pleasant cha...

Profile picture of Afroez

Offer from Afroez


I am looking for an old woman who needs help or feeling lonely. on the other hand, I can learn Dutch from her. I have Dutch nationality...

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Profile picture of Ingrid

Offer from Ingrid


I live in Hoofddorp and would like to spend a few hours a week / 2 weeks doing something where I have contact with other people.

Profile picture of Irene

Offer from Irene


I try to build up a working rhythm through volunteer work and to test my resilience after being out for a while. I would like to do som...

Profile picture of Chantal

Received fresh meal from a neighbor


Do you want to eat tasty and healthy? Are you tired of frozen or ready meals and would you like to collect healthy and fresh food or ha...

Too much choice? Find a match faster using the filters

Profile picture of Tulay

Offer from Tulay


Because of my social awareness of loneliness, especially among the elderly, I want to dedicate one day a week as a companion / buddy. G...

Profile picture of Natalia

Offer from Natalia


I like to help people when I can. I especially love animals and working with animals. I am very creative and can talk very enthusiastic...

Profile picture of Bemiddelingsconsulent

Looking for company and some fun?

MeerWaarde Vrijwilligerscentrale Haarlemmermeer

Hi I'm Martine, I come from Zwanenburg and work full time. I myself find a lot of satisfaction in being together with my kids, fami...

Profile picture of Maria

Offer from Mary


I am retired. Have taught English for 3 years, Mavo, Havo and VWO.Amsterdam. Diploma in English. Worked in Nursing for 40 years.Amste...

Profile picture of Mieke

Mike's offer


Have the time now that I'm retired. I love nature and that is why I feel at home in Heemtuin De Heimanshof. There I offer the guided to...

Profile picture of Mirjam

Offer from Miriam


I worked in a nursing home for years. And now I lost my job because of my illness. And I like dealing with the elderly. I also enjoy do...

Profile picture of Maarten

Offer from Maarten


Language coach refugees and/or homework support (adults and children). Or for Greeks who want to learn Dutch (I can learn Greek in retu...

Profile picture of Andre

Andrew's offer


I no longer work for a boss and have worked for NCOI PUM and a charity foundation for 10 years. Because of Corona the draft came in and...

Profile picture of Bemiddelingsconsulent

Cycle along, 1 on 1

MeerWaarde Vrijwilligerscentrale Haarlemmermeer

Hi I'm Joop (72) Not Sweet Milk but Perch. I like going out for a bike ride and I already do this with a number of people. Because...

Profile picture of Carmen

Offerings from Carmen


In the context of my reintegration, I want to investigate where my resilience lies and what I like to do and what makes me happy. I am ...

Profile picture of Bemiddelingsconsulent

Maybe just whine about the weather?

MeerWaarde Vrijwilligerscentrale Haarlemmermeer

What could be more Dutch than whining about the weather? Do you sometimes need that, but don't you know someone who you can call? Our B...

Profile picture of Ger

Offer from Ger


I am a retired director of primary education. Also organizer and coordinator of the home academy of the Foundation for Public Primary E...

Profile picture of Bart

Bart's offer


Hi, I'm Bart. Father of two boys and married. I've worked with people all my life. First in special education with children with neurol...

Profile picture of Angéla

Offer from Angela


I think it would be fun to help others for a few hours a week.

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